Scaffolding Accessories

The perfect equipment to complete your scaffolding system.

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Bracket 0,60 m 

Widen the scaffolding

Bracket 0,30 m 

Use as inside bracket with safety device

​​​​​​​Bracket 0,90 m & 1,20 m

To enlarge the working platform and bypass wall projections

Platform S

Wood core reinforced for protective use

Platform 1,85 m

Widen or minimize the working platform

Platform 0,65 m

Use for brackets and small board scaffoldings 

Bracket for wall mount

Assemble a wall scaffolding

Steel platform

Galvanized and robust with integrated safety device

Scaffolding Stairs

For safe ascent and decent

Roofing Frame

Work on roof and facade at the same time

Protection Bracket for Roof

To be used as safety barrier at roof work

Cornice Frame

Frames for scaffolding with wall projections

Passage Frame

For unrestricted movement under the scaffolding

Reinforcement Scaffolding

Working scaffold for mounting the reinforcement on the formwork

Fixing for Inside Guardrail

Easily create a side protection on the inside of the scaffolding

Angle Conector for Braces

Applicaton of braces without bolts


Half Wedge Coupler with Pin

To assemble railings or a toe boards

Wedge Coupler with two loops

For fixing guardrails

Swivel Coupler

For various mountings on the scaffolding

Right Angle Coupler

​​​​​​​For various mountings on the scaffolding

Bracket for Bridging

Assemble a bridging beam for bypasses

Bridging Beam 

Bridge gaps in scaffolding constructions

Tube Connector for Braces

Extend guardrails

Guardrail for Inside Corner

Optimize corner design


Scaffold Accessory​​​​​​​

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